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For those who want to rock and learn!?!!!!

(1) the hardest quiz in the westville jr high

12 concepts, including:
What is the name of the fat guy in family guy?, what date was the deceration of independence signed?, what is 1000 time 1000?, what year did the vampires take over?, what is the defention of solution?, what is 9000×9000-5000 divided by 2?

(2) you think you know me??

14 concepts, including:
Remington,Shawnee,and Destiny, Kerri, Michael and Bryan, pink, mom, 2 dogs 1cat, Remington, Shawnee, Michael,and Destiny, michael, gma, mrs. huchel, 9th, 14, party, april 18

(3) county offices

10 concepts, including:
public defender, Recorder of deeds, Super intendant, Sheriff, Coroner, states attorney, County treasurer, County clerk, County Auditor, Circuit Court

(4) IL Constitution 2

7 concepts, including:
New Constitution approved, IL Constitution inforce, Voting Requirements, #Constitutions IL has had, IL taxes, How long you have to go to school, How are schools supported

(5) Executive Branch

6 concepts, including:
Governor, Lt. Gov,, Attorney Gen,, Sec, of state, Treasurer, Comptroller

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