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7 concepts, including:
Assimilation, Dawes Act, Chinese Exclusion Act, Exodusters, Battles with/Dispersal of Plain Indians, Ghost Dance (1890), Boom and dust nature of mining towns


14 concepts, including:
George Kennan, Truman Doctrine, Iron Curtain, Palestine, Bernard Baruch, Felix Longoria, Taft-Hartley Act, Dixiecrats, Mao Zedong, McCarran Act, NSC-68, Syngman Rhee, Baby Boom, Restrictive covenants

(3) American History Exam 3

60 concepts, including:
The fascist movements of Italy, Germany, and Japan embraced all the following ideals except, The zoot suit riots of 1943 occurred in Detroit when African Americans tried to move into a new federal housing
project near a predominantly white community

(4) Review for Exam 2

201 concepts, including:
Booker T. Washington, Navalism, Seward’s Folly, Yellow Journalism, Spanish-American War, Filipino-American War, Open Door Policy, Pragmatism, Progressivism, Jacob Riis, Keating-Owen Act, Eugenics Movement, Mann Act, Commission System

(5) History Exam 1

209 concepts, including:
Presidential Reconstruction, 10% Plan, Andrew Johnson, Freedman’s Bureau, Bloody Shirt Riots, Second Confiscation Act, Carpetbaggers, Blanket Amnesty, Disenfranchisement, Civil Rights Act of 1875, Redeemers, Crop Lien, Tobacco Industry

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